A Whole New World Town Hall Recap/Recording

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    Please find the meeting video below! Here is a list of topics that were addressed, the time at which they were addressed, and a brief summary of their answers. Note that any updates are highlighted in yellow below.

    Meeting start: 1:35
    Recap of the last few weeks: 2:00
    What is NewCrafteria? 2:55
    It is now the planning Discord for the map reset!
    Will we still be associated with/owned by FTDWS? 3:30 Yep!
    Will NewCrafteria be its own server still? 3:50 No.
    What about the NewCrafteria Discord? 4:09 It will be locked when planning ends.
    Will the current map still close? 4:16 Yes.
    Will there be a main map download? 5:03 Yes.
    Can I download my creative plot? 5:17 Yes, please use this form.
    Will you keep access to a creative map? 8:39 Until November 15th. After that point we won’t have a 1.12 world to load it into.
    Will social media stay the same? 9:16 Yes.
    Will forums be reset? 12:10 No, but they will get a facelift.
    Will staff stay the same? 13:18 As much as they would like to, yes.
    When will reset happen? 14:58 UPDATED ANSWER: October 28/29th.
    Will skyblock stay until December? 16:55 No. Reset means no more 1.12 worlds.
    What version will we be on? 17:47 1.13.1
    Will there be towns/will they be the same? 18:03 There will be towns, they will be very different, and a more collaborative/open build style.
    How will that work? 18:50 Set up a border for the town, with a singular town a central marketplace. Up to the players what they build within the borders.
    What about my sentimental stuff storage? 19:45 Asteroids! :D Your own personal blob in the void to do with as you choose. You determine who has access, etc. Keepinventory will be on in this world, as will fly, and you won’t die if you fall off.
    How will the central marketplace work? 22:17 Rentable playershops to provide a clear area for buying and selling wares due to the limited use of warps.
    Will there be an economy? 22:45 Yes!
    Will there be credits for money on the old map? 23:10 For the long term health of this map’s economy, we are unable to give credits for existing wealth.
    What will admin shop look like? 24:09 Guilds! Guilds will allow the sale of byproducts from plant farming, animal farming, mining, fishing, and mob hunting in order to earn money. It will not be an NPC shop.
    Are we required to join a guild? 28:02 Nope! That is entirely up to you.
    How will we avoid “cliques” in the guilds? 28:46 Guilds are not competitive, so they should be cooperating with each other. They are all part of one big system.
    What about “non-guild” activities? 32:25 You are more than welcome to start your own clubs and groups to support interests not represented in the guild system.
    Can I switch guilds? 33:45 Yes, but it will be tracked by staff and limited, potentially with a waiting period before joining the new one.
    How will you balance guilds? 35:49 Via byproduct purchase prices
    Will there be a resetting mine? 37:30 Yep! Exploratory planets.
    Will there be guild perks that aren’t ashop related? 38:15 Guild specific boons, tags, etc.
    Will we be able to see Guild HQs if you’re in a different guild? 39:25 Yes, you can see the outside.
    Can you see who’s in a guild? 41:25 There will likely be a manual scoreboard of guild members.
    How will we prevent monopolies? 42:55 We won’t. Monopolies are a part of the economy, however limited shop sizes will prevent one person from having hundreds of monopolies.
    Do we have to join a guild to interact with the economy? 44:15 You will end up interacting with the guilds, even if you don’t join one.
    Will official builds be in the sci-fi theme? 44:53 Yep.
    So we can still collect our own resources? 45:35 Absolutely.
    Will mining be allowed in main? 48:15 No. Valuable ores will be replaced, and it will be against the CoC to mine for the purpose of mining under the main town. Cave builds or basements are permitted.
    How will people find NCT? 50:00 All of our domains will remain exactly the same, so someone who logged off 5 years ago can still find us today!
    Will plugins remain the same? 50:51 For the most part, yes. What you’re used to is what you’ll see, and those that are different will be aliased to match the old plugins.
    Will there be strict build size limits? 51:58 No. DFTBA. Don’t make a 300x300 cobble box just to claim that space.
    What about homes? 53:42 Not 100% on this – they will likely be limited more drastically due to the warp cutback.
    How will you handle griefing? 54:55 Same as /mine on the old map – staff will be equipped with tools to fix as much griefing damage as possible, and you are encouraged to take advantage of tools like locking and your private asteroid.
    Will there be voteshop like before? 57:03 There will be a similar advertising mechanic.
    Will there be any reason to explore wilderness in main? 57:30 Yep. ;)
    What will future towns look like? 59:03 They will hopefully be in this same collaborative style.
    Will mob farms be allowed? Auto farms? 1:00:00 These rules will primarily remain as is, with a slight increase to animals allowed number.
    Bio Break! 1:01:00
    Meeting Resumes! 1:05:40

    Will the map still have survival/creative/skyblock/etc/etc? 1:05:45 Not at the start, but eventually hopefully.
    Will FTB still be around? 1:06:40 Eventually, yes.
    Will there be a texture pack? 1:07:19 Yep!
    Will fire be modreq-able? 1:07:50 Yes.
    Will firespread be turned off? 1:08:10 Yes.
    What about ice melt/leaf decay/etc? 1:08:25 All of those will be off.
    What about VIP status? And Buycraft? 1:09:00 VIP and Buycraft will still be there, but the perks will be different. VIP server may make a re-appearance.
    Will tags be the same/transfer? 1:11:10 Unlikely – tag plugin will change, and we can’t make the transfer.
    Do we get the charity copyright benefit? 1:11:38 Sort of. That’s not a super strong argument for breaking EULA, so we will continue to play it safe.
    Will nickname perks stay? 11357 Probably unless something tragic happens with the plugins.
    Will the server logo change? 11720 No! It will remain the same, and we will try to find a way to incorporate Estherphant elsewhere in our branding.
    Will the server be hosted the same way? 1:18:00 No, we will be switching to a new server host.
    Will bans/punishments/etc carry over? 1:18:41 Yes. All points/banlists/etc will carry over. This is the same server, just a new map.
    Is there any possibility to help offset server costs? 11914 Yes. We are researching fundraising options to allow players to help fund our happy corner of the internet.
    Improvements to the punishment system? 12020 Yes, we are going to try to handle appeals more privately, and incorporate a jails system to ensure players are given a chance to clarify mistakes or misunderstandings.
    Will we still use BungeeCord? 12440 No, right now it is unnecessary.
    Will command blocks be used? 1:25:48 Only in the rare circumstance that it is unavoidable.

    Thanks everyone!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Oct 22, 2018.

    1. Nia_Onyx
      Thank you so much for posting this! I was super sad I couldn't make it, but it's nice to know how it went. Also, I was the person who said ashop could be used for recycling. :D

      I do have a question: We had some Nerdfighter music on the music disks a while back. Would it be possible to do that again and would they be avalabe in the shops? I'm not thinking like discs are now, but like in the buycraft shops or the like? I rather dislike the default music, so an alternative would be nice.

      Just a thought.
    2. ArtsyLaurie
      It says farm/mob farm restrictions will be the same - does that go for the skyblock/asteroid apartment plots also? -> Will they have the skyblock farm-building rules rather than Main or Mine farm-building rules

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