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By PerfectFlaw on Nov 15, 2018 at 7:53 AM
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    Hello everyone!
    The staff have finally been able to discuss and roll out our new punishment and appeals system. I have detailed these changes below for your benefit. :) Please note that most of these changes were player-requested.

    The first change: How Points Accumulate
    Under the old system, points accumulated for the entirety of your time on the server. Now, Minor (2 points), and Moderate (5 points) warnings will "time out" after 1 and 2 years respectively. What does "time out" mean? In general, it means that that warning will not be accounted for in your punishments, unless you demonstrate a pattern of behavior.
    For example, lets say that you were warned for Overbreeding 4 years ago. Then a week ago you were warned for Swearing in Discord. The Overbreeding would not accumulate with the Swearing, and so you would only have 2 points of "Active Warnings". However, let's say if 4 years ago you were warned for Avoiding the Filter. This is related to swearing, and so would be added on to your Swearing in Discord warning, and you would have 4 points of Active Warnings.
    This allows staff to better recognize when something is a "whoops I didn't understand the rules in a minor way" and someone who is constantly choosing to disobey the rules. Major and Severe infractions will never time out due to the threat they present to the community and/or the server itself.

    The second change: The Appeal System
    Punishment appeals, per player request, will now be handled privately. When you submit the form it will not be posted publicly, and will be handled in forum DMs between you, the staff member, and our Senior Admin of Staff and Player Affairs.

    Finally: On The Rules
    Staff cannot possibly spell out every single way you could break the rules. In fact, if we tried to do so, we would end up creating more loopholes of things we forgot to include! In general, the point is to be making a conscious effort to obey the SPIRIT of the rules. Be kind to each other. Be patient with each other. Listen to staff. And don't break the server (please lol). If you are constantly having to ask whether what you are doing would be just inside the line of the rules, you are probably not following them in spirit.

    Thanks all! DFTBA!!
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by PerfectFlaw, Nov 15, 2018.

    1. Ne-Nea
      This is such fantastic news. I'm really excited about this change, and I can't wait to see it implemented. Is there anyway we could have the warning points fall off a little sooner for teenagers and kids? So much growth happens in that short time that after 2 years, even if it is the same behavior as before, it's probably not an indication of a pattern.
    2. OrtyBortorty
      I am very happy to hear that punishment appeals will be private now. It is awesome to see how much consideration you all have given to improve the server during this transitional period.
    3. PerfectFlaw

      For a number of reasons, this is unlikely. Primarily because we have no real way of actually verifying player age. In addition, it is easiest for staff to implement consistently and fairly across the board if we have a clear limit as to when points fall off. For our youngest players, staff do work with their parents or guardians on addressing issues for in the future on the server, and we don't intend to change that practice. I'm glad you're excited about these changes, we are too!
    4. PerfectFlaw
      Glad you like it! We're going our best! :tinyheart:

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