The Skyblock Results are In!

Abros_vii's airship island

As we start a new skyblock season, it's time to look back and celebrate all of the awesomeness of the last one.

Congratulations on your beautiful islands - over 200 were created!
Many were small but beautiful. Some were incredible and huge, with our top finalist's island containing the equivalent of 105,400 blocks of cobble.

Without further ado, our top three islands were...

In Third Place, a unique, creative, new entry with 707 levels: Seth25R!

In Second Place, another closely fought new entry, super cute, with a valiant 737 levels: Mafersauros!

And in First place..
Last season's silver medal winner now takes gold with an incredible 1054 levels and some beautiful airships.......

Finally, our creative island prize* goes to Xieandra for their colourful tropical town island which perfectly fit into the season's Cities theme.
Abros_vii will win a mainworld prize of 5000llamas, 2000ll going to Seth24R, Mafersauros and Xieandra. Your prizes have been paid into your accounts.

Finally, honourable mentions also go to our full top 10 finalists.
A Whole New World New skyblock season!
New Skyblock Season!!

The new skyblock season has arrived! We hope you have a wonderful time making your islands.
The season will run from now until the end of August
(last season recap coming soon)

New updates:
  1. We think we have increased mob spawning rates but it's a work in progress and we need your feedback. We want to balance mob spawning with the fact that some players have older computers with more lag. Please let staff know if you suddenly have issues playing.
  2. We have made tweaks to the challenges that you were requesting. Some are a little easier and some are a little harder...
  3. We now have a challenge currency! Every time you complete or repeat a challenge, you will be given a red sand block. The final challenge is to collect and submit all 1800 red-sand blocks..... (you have a little wiggle room, that isn't quite all the repeats). If you complete that final challenge, modreq for a special skyblock mainworld prize and 5000 llamas! If you don't care about the final challenge - use the red sand however you like.
  4. The bug where the torches don't light on arrival on the island is not fixable. To fix the torch issue, replace a torch or add a torch nearby and all the nearby torches should light. To solve the issue of villagers dying, your initial companion will not be a villager, but no fear! People who enjoy mining cobble will soon be reunited with their villager companion.
  5. You now have 25 island resets and only a 30 second wait between them - so if you want to take the time to explore...
A Whole New World New Survival Season!

Welcome to the new survival world!

This is classic vanilla survival. No special mods or changes to be aware of.
But it's a little warmer than last season XD

The season will last approximately 3 months, ending in June

Here's a few screenshots from the wonderful snowy last season. Ice town was awesome!

It's that time again. Take your screenshots, wish goodbye to the challenge hall, fly around your islands one last time and get ready for new survival and skyblock seasons!

We are planning to reset survival at some point this weekend (no promises on an exact day/time)

This will reset one week later - again no promises on an exact day/time.

On this day two years ago, on March 4th of 2016, a few days after we said good bye to our original map, the current main map on the economy server opened its doors for the first time. It was an exciting new start. We all started back at zero, with Nerdtropolis, Solara, and Thistledown, waiting to be explored and populated with awesome and interesiting new builds.
Since then, five more town's have been added to Nerdcrafteria's custom made beautiful landscape: Playertowns Emerald Falls, Nouveau Batiment and the recent Drakerberg, as well as two more staff administrated towns, Scythian Peaks and Viridian Isles.
Everything was new and exciting and together we managed to create a beautifull new place to meet our friends and relax.

To celebrate this second mapiversary staff is holding a town themed staff auction at 4pm EST today. Each of the current 8 towns will have one chest dedicated to them. The items of each chest reflect the towns style and atmosphere and will also include at least one unique, uncraftable lore item.
We hope to see you around at the auction house at /warp auction later today!

On top of that we also want to value the community and teamwork that led us to this point:

Today we re-open the house point meters at /warp witchcrafteria. About an hour after this post, they will start accepting new items that will, should you be able to completely fill the meters, unlock for different rewards:

Emerald Rain
This reward will cause hostile mobs to have a chance of dropping emeralds. This will last one week....​

A gleaming city of media and games, host to magnificent apartments housing hundreds of players as they navigate their first steps in Nerdcrafteria. Marble statues and parthenons and coliseums surrounded by vineyards and an ocean ripe for trade. The largest tree in the world, with floating islands and plots nestled under dim green branches. A forest creeping with oversized inhabitants and a rich vein of emeralds beneath the jungle canopy. Dozens of variously-biomed islands, linked together by intricate bridges. Shining spires of quartz and coal, windows and walls made complex and the whole town dedicated entirely to art. Collossal geodes and crystals hidden in an ice-capped mountain, away from the modern village just outside. A newly-discovered land of moss and dragons, where spires of rock rise from the sea to support viking structures of old.

We’ve built a lot over these past few years on Nerdcrafteria, and with our 2nd birthday since reset just around the corner (that’s right, we get two birthdays now) it’s time to celebrate our collective achievements. Come one, come all to the Nerdcrafteria Town Auction! Each chest is dedicated and themed on a different town, with plenty of goodies inside and as always one super-rare lore item!

The Auction will be held on


in the Auction House on the economy server (/warp auction to get there!).

General Auction Info:
  • /warp auction will lead you to the auction house.
  • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will make it clear who you should message. Bids made in public chat will not be...
~~ Sound the Trumpets! Alert the Press! It’s time for the First Ever ~~
~~ Nerdcrafteria Server Olympic Games! ~~

Operating in concert with the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, the towns of Nerdcrafteria will be hosting our own Olympic Games!

Beginning with Opening Ceremonies in Nerdtropolis on February 10th, Every Saturday will feature a new town playing host to an official Olympic Games Event!

Participate in fun team competitions or individual challenges! Discover the towns you know in new ways!


  1. Feb 10th: Nerdtropolis - Opening Ceremony [5pm EST]
    Feb 10th: Nouveau Batiment - Sheep Hockey [directly after the opening ceremony]
  2. Feb 17th: Solara - Bow Spleef [5pm EST]
  3. Feb 24th: Scythian Peaks - Mountain Crawl Relay [5pm EST]
  4. Mar 3rd: Emerald Falls - Boaty McBoatrace [5pm EST]
  5. Mar 10th: Thistledown - Tree Diving [5pm EST]
  6. Mar 17th: Drakerberg - Elytra Race [time tba]...

You there! You look like the adventuring type! Brave and true, with an unquenchable fire in your heart! How would you like to sail North, to a land of Dwarves, Vikings, and Dragons!

On the Third of February, Year Two Thousand and Eighteen, the grand city of Drakerberg will open its doors to all! At 5pm EST, Drakerberg will be holding its Grand Opening Ceremony. So come and enjoy all of the sights and sounds this new town has to offer!

But you’re here for PLOTS! And what a selection we have! There are 98 plots for enterprising young adventurers like yourself! We have Towns, Mountains, Ships, and even entire Sea Stacks reserved for you to build as you like! We shall start shortly following the Opening ceremony by releasing plots 1-53 on Flemmjell Island at 5pm EST! The next opening will be plots 54-60, and 90-98 held February 4th at 5pm AEDT! This one will include most of the sea stacks. And finally, the Fellsing island plots, 61-89, will be released to you, young adventurer on February 4th at 5pm CET.

So join us, Young Adventurer, and discover the world that awaits you far beyond the Northern Oceans!


The Dragon Rider Council of Drakerberg


Photo Credit:
Copyright © 1999 - 2018 Jagex Ltd. 220 Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0WA, United Kingdom.

Hi folks,

see those gaps in the code fence on the right? Right...there, yes that one.
There's also one on the back left. That's not good.

And because it's not good our hosting provider (the company that runs the physical server) will has closed them.
Starting from Jan 10th, 4am EST the forums will be offline.
We don't know how work-intensive the fix is, so we also don't know for how long the forums will be offline.

See you on the other side, friends.

~ The Staff of Nerdcrafteria ~​
Important Updates MiniGames opens TODAY!

After years of waiting we finally open part of our minigame server today.
Right now there are two games you can play: Paintball/Snowbrawl and Spleef.
We are still working on finishing even more arenas and adding more kinds of games.
In the mean time please enjoy, what we already have :)

Come join the server with /server MiniGames and start a game with friends at /warp spleef or /warp snowbrawl!