Our scientific teams have received word from the ground crews that some small men and women in green outfits have been spied sneaking around Planet Cl0-V3r. Reports indicate that they're leaving behind gifts for those who are able to find them, or where they've been. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for their presents!

There is an example of one of their gifts to the left of the Spawn House in /explore for reference purposes. Our scientific teams will ping in the Discord (linked in the main menu above!) when they detect a new gift may have arrived on the planet. You needn't ping for your reward, just dive in! Our brief chat with the gifters indicates they only intend to be here for a short while, so get on while you can! Best of luck!
Important Updates Server Upgrade Poll
Hello players! We are excited for the changes in the new versions of Minecraft, and we thank you for your understanding while we work through the process of figuring out how best to upgrade our server over time.

We understand that you want these new features ASAP, but we have to balance this with the stability of the plugins we use to keep things running smoothly.

The Admins have worked hard on this issue and believe that we can move to a newer version "soon" and keep most of the functionality that you've come to enjoy!

We're considering an upgrade to 1.14 to incorporate some new biomes if we're able to ensure a stable server build.

But we need your input!
We know you've worked hard on your creations, and we want to protect them if they're important to you. But if you're feeling kind of meh on everything at the moment, we can fly off to a new planet and start fresh!

While we will do everything in our power to maintain everything if you choose to transfer the map(s), chest content may not transfer. Please keep that in mind for all the options listed in the poll.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments below so we can answer them to the best of our ability!
Hello everyone!

You may or may not be aware of the amazing event Nerdfighters and their friends do every year called Project For Awesome, or P4A. This event is a massive charity fundraiser that in years past has raised millions of dollars for amazing causes supported by real Nerdfighters around the globe. You can learn all about it here!

Just like last year, we as a Nerdcrafteria community wanted to participate in our own special way! As all of the purchases in our Buycraft store are sent directly to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, we would like to set up fundraising goals for our own server during P4A. These goals are ONLY active for the duration of P4A, you can track the timing on the P4A website linked above. Here are the goals and their rewards:

Tier 1: $100
When this tier is reached, everyone on the server receives an exclusive [P4A2019] tag!

Tier 2: $250
When this tier is reached, everyone on the server receives 24 hours of unlimited fly!

ONLY Buycraft purchases will count towards these tiers, so that we can track the contributions from our community (without being all creepy on y'alls other methods of payment lol)! We can't wait to see what you guys can do in a weekend. Be sure to check in to the P4A livestream to keep up with the fundraising of the Nerdfighter community!

Progress Tracker:
<========[TIER 1]===========[TIER 2]========>

There are P4A exclusive Buycraft rewards available here! These include two individual candy-themed banners, and a candy store banner...
Server Event Secret Llama 2019
Winter Secret Llama 2019

Hey, explorers! It is time to get cosy and enjoy winter Secret Llama!
❄️❄️❄️ How it Works:

Secret Llama is like other Secret Santa gift exchanges with the exception that it all happens in-game on Nerdcrafteria!

To participate, please follow these steps:

1. Fill out the nifty Secret Llama Registration Form, which can be found here:
PLEASE put your actual Minecraft username so that your Secret Llama will not get confused if you have a nickname in-game or have a different forum username. Additionally, thoroughly filling out the interests/favorite sections will greatly help your Secret Llama give you more personalized gifts!

2. You will receive a FORUM PM with another player's name and a copy of their Secret Llama form by December 5th.

If you still haven't received a name by December 6th, please PM LadyAustin or Stormy regarding it.

3. Starting December 7th, you will need to give at least a gift a week, for 3 weeks, to that person.

The weeks are:
Week 1 - December 7th - 14th
Week 2 - December 15th - 21st
Week 3 - December 22nd - 28th

[COLOR=rgb(0, 179,...
Whispers have spread throughout the village on our new planet...a mysterious mansion has been discovered within the nearby forest...what secrets does it hold?

It's time for our annual :88: Halloween and Trick or Treating Event! :88:This year trick or treating will take place within the mansion, located near /explore spawn (across the bridge). Some staff may simply hide their treats for you to find, while others may hide with their treats for some fun hide and seek! Trick or Treating will continue until we depart this month's /explore planet. But be warned! The mansion may hold more secrets than it initially sure to check back for updates as the villagers explore the mansion...

Small note: to enhance your enjoyment and fully participate in the spirit of the event, we recommend not flying while within the mansion. :creeperface:

A Whole New World Player Towns Return To NCT!
Yes you read right - player towns are returning to NCT! Here is a great big long breakdown on everything you need to know to get your sparkly (or not-so-sparkly, if you're into that) player town up and running!

The Player Town Process is loosely broken down into three phases: Pre-Application, Pre-Build, and Build. Be sure to pay close attention to the details below, as many parts of each of these phases are significantly different from previous player town systems.

Phase 1: Pre-Application
So you've decided you'd like to try to build a player town - now what? To begin the process, you will need to consider broadly what you would like your town to look, feel, sound, and smell (lol) like. Will it be a tropical vacation paradise, or a smoky village in the heart of a volcano? Will its lore stretch back thousands of years, or will this be a new settlement with an eye towards a bright future? What will the architecture be inspired by? What will it be called? What colors/pictures/ideas does this town invoke? Where on the map would it best fit? All of these are great questions to consider at this stage in the process, to ensure that staff have a good idea of where you're aiming. Your plan doesn't need to be detailed (i.e. you don't need to know exactly what your town builds or roads will look like yet - please don't do an entire concept build), but you DO need to be able to clearly demonstrate your overall theme. Mood boards are awesome for this! We highly recommend starting a thread or two (read: not 10 different threads on the same town) in the new Player Town Brainstorming Forum so that others can chime in, and you have a cohesive place to store your ideas.

Phase 1.5: The Application
The application itself is located here, or can...
We will be having a Town Hall Meeting today, July 7th, at 6pm EST to cover the NEW player town procedures! It will be in our public discord, which you can access through the menu above. See you there!
A Whole New World VIP World!
The time has come... Our exploration leaders have been scouring the galaxy for an abundant home full of resources and low in gravity, and we have finally found it!

VIP WORLD GOES LIVE 4/26/2019 at 3 p.m. EST
That's right folks, all the creativey, unlimited fly goodness of VIP World has RETURNED to our server! We are so so excited to bring this to you all, and can't wait to see what you create! Here are a few ground rules and FAQs to get you all started:

  • Please be respectful of the builds of others. Between mail, forums, in game chat, and Discord, there is no reason you can't reach out to someone if you'd like to build near them, or work with them on something. If it's not yours/you don't have permission - don't touch it!
  • Label your stuff! Just a little sign a la point 1 will help a lot. :p
  • DO NOT claim a whole bunch of empty space. Claim what you're building, and build in that space. Try not to claim several spots at once for "future projects" - it gobbles up space you might not use and dampens the creativity of others.
  • Resources are not transferrable between worlds. If you notice your inventory seems to be carrying over, report it immediately.
  • NERDS! You can visit VIP world and zoom around to see all the great things your friends have built. However, you will have to upgrade to VIP status in order to build anywhere in VIP.

To access VIP world once staff gives the final word, simply head...
Code of Conduct Change Spoiler Free Zone!
Hey all!

With the upcoming Avengers: Endgame premiere, as well as many other exciting and potentially spoilery happenings in the Nerdy community, we have decided to implement a Spoiler Policy for the server. This gives people time to get caught up on their favorite shows/movies/games/etc. without feeling like they need to avoid the server in the meantime.

To be clear:
This is an addition to the Code of Conduct. Please refrain from discussing any recent release or episode of any movie/show/game/etc. for a period of one week following the Eastern U.S. release time of that media.

For example, for Avengers: Endgame, the earliest public Eastern U.S. release is Thursday April 25th. So, to play it safe, you cannot talk about this movie until Thursday May 3rd. It's okay to say a general "omg I saw XYZ movie and it was AWESOME!!", but please please PLEASE nothing more than that. Even little slips can completely ruin the experience for others. This IS a part of our Code of Conduct from this point forward, and will be treated with the same seriousness as everything else in the Code.

We understand how exciting new movies, games, and shows can be, and we hope you'll work with us to preserve that excitement for your fellow players. :)

Scheduled Server/Forum Maintenance Something New Around The Corner
Hello friends! We are going to be whitelisting the server for an unknown amount of time to test a new plugin that will be a part of something you've all been waiting for!

We will edit this post and ping on discord when the matinence is completed.

The server is now unwhitelisted and available for play!